Advantages of listening to music when exercising

Advantages of listening to music when exercising  . Playing sports and exercising helps keep the body and mind healthy.

In general, doctors recommend exercising 10-30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. But for some people it is not easy to get on the target as it may lead to laziness or boredom. Come in as an obstacle that will leave you out of the fire or run out of fun with exercise. But this problem will be gone if you know a great help like listening to music while exercising. Which in addition to helping to cure boredom it can also help you exercise more effectively. And there are many health benefits ever.

Advantages of listening to music when exercising.

1. It helps you exercise harder.

If you are exercising and feeling bored or exercising for a while and then being tired. Try to create a playlist for your workout songs and play them back during your next workout. Because there are research results indicating that people who listen to music while exercising can exercise harder. In addition, listening to music allows you to exercise repeatedly or doing strength training or strength training for harder and longer muscles. Where you feel tired and slow down as well.

2. Improves your mood.

One study found that volunteers who listened to music during exercise had levels of serotonin or a brain chemical involved in mood. Known as The “feel good hormone” increases. Which makes exercising and feeling good.

3. Calm your mind.

Music with rhythm or a constant speed range of 80-115 beats per minute (BPM), such as classical ballads can help your heart beat slower and helps reduce anxiety. Not just music but the lyrics and how you feel for that song too. it can help you relax and feel calm as well.

4. Helps the body work in coordination.

Music doesn’t affect your physical movement only just when you’re dancing. No matter what type of exercise, if you listen to music while you work out. It allows your body to move in a rhythm and your body will coordinate better. From one research study it was found that listening to music during exercise increases the electrical waves in the brain that control how the body moves in a relationship. This is why music can make it easier for you to perform moves in an aerobic or HIIT class following a trainer.

5. Listen to music while exercising … Workouts were more fun.

If anyone has ever taken an exercise class with exciting background music, such as a cycling class. You would know that listening to music can help distract you from intense exercise. It helps you to exercise more easily and much more fun. One study involving 34 volunteers found that listening to music while exercising can help you exercise more effectively and more fun than watching clips silently.

6. Reduce the chance of injury.

A study in 26 non-professional runner volunteers found that listening to music at a 130-200 beats per minute (BPM) caused runners to accelerate and slow down to the rhythm. But if you choose a song with a faster tempo 160-180 beats per minute (BPM), each step will be shorter. It helps to reduce pressure and impact as well as help reduce possible injuries that may occur as well.

7. Help the body to heal faster.

A study of 60 volunteers found that listening to relaxing music after exercising. Can help your heart rate and blood pressure levels drop. It also makes the body recover faster than listening to heavy beat music or sitting in a quiet place. 

In addition, choosing the right music can help relieve stress. And reduce the impact of exercise as well. So from now on it must be fun for you if you can try to listen to your favorite song while you are exercising for enjoyment and get some good health benefits back too.

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