At risk of infertility that the doctor wants to tell

At risk of infertility that the doctor wants to tell

At risk of infertility that the doctor wants to tell The most heartbreaking problem of couples who want to have children have a poor child. No matter what you do You have to turn around and observe your own behavior.

There are risky behaviors that make it difficult to have children Today RamaChannel will bring everyone to observe their own behavior and whether there are these behaviors and problems. If you know, then hurry to change your behavior as well.

Getting older

Affects infertility directly, let’s divide it into men and women.

  • Women, if over 35 years old, have a lower chance of getting pregnant. This is because the quality and quantity of eggs is steadily decreasing and increases the risk of pregnancy for babies with chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Men over 40 years of testosterone sexual activity and the quantity of semen quality decreased.

Being overweight

Many people may not even know that weight affects having a difficult child. both men and women especially those with a body mass index greater than 25 kg/m2 make hormones from the anterior cerebral gland causing the reproductive system to malfunction

  • Women are often associated with infertility. polycystic ovary Makes more testosterone in females
  • Men have higher female hormones. make sexual dysfunction

The presence of certain congenital diseases

For people with underlying disease and then have to take some medications May have side effects on the functioning of reproductive hormones. prevent women from ovulating especially men This will reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. Some drugs have a depressant effect on sex drive. erection and ejaculation


When the nicotine of cigarettes enters the body will increase free radicals in the body Affects egg quality in women Sperm quality and quantity are reduced in men.

Drinking too much alcohol

Drinking alcohol decreases the absorption of vitamins and minerals, resulting in a decrease in the amount of healthy sperm. It also decreases the amount of sperm.

Drinking beverages that contain caffeine

In a day should not get more than 300 milligrams of caffeine or a simple equivalent of 3 cups of coffee that will make the rate of infertility higher.

Eating inappropriate proportions

Found that eating junk food (junk food), sweet food, food with a lot of oil. consume less fruits and vegetables It will result in lower pregnancy rates as well.


Even if there is a lot of dust, you can’t exercise outside. You can exercise at home. Without exercise, the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat will worsen, which is also associated with obesity.


May result in insomnia not enough rest It will affect the pregnancy. However, there are no specific data on reproductive capacity.

Menstrual pain more than usual

white discharge in women should undergo further assessment. to find some cause associated with infertility

If any couple has difficulty having children, don’t worry.

Because of the current advancement in medical technology, there are many ways to increase the chances of having children. But such behavior should also be avoided. because not just passing on, just having a difficult child but also affects overall health

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