Exercise to burn 200 kcal in 3 minutes

Exercise to burn 200 kcal in 3 minutes .Easy exercises both burn and result in a fit and firm that you can get in just 3 minutes. Exercise to burn calories is something that people want to lose weight really want. There are probably many people who want to burn a lot of calories in a short time. But don’t know which exercise to exercise with. Today we have selected 9 cool exercises that are easy to do and can burn up to 200 calories in just 3 minutes. Want to know what exercises are there? Let’s see.

1. High Knee.

High knee is an exercise that uses a lot of energy and is not too hard, such as the knee-high posture. Good results in both calorie burning and firming the abdomen and thighs including hips. Take a short 3 minutes a day with this position. It is guaranteed that the results will surely good.

2. Mountain climbers.

This exercise will help work out many parts of your body at the same time such as your core muscles, rear leg muscles, buttock muscles and the front thigh muscles. Plus help burn a lot of calories. If you want to have fitting thighs with fat burns this is a must.

3. Jumping jacks.

Exercises that we have been familiar with for a long time, such as jumping and slapping. It is a workout that is surprisingly effective. Because jumping that slap will require a lot of energy. Thus causing the body to burn a lot of energy. But it is not suitable for people with knee problems. This can cause the knee to support too much weight and cause injury.

4. Jump squat.

Jump squat or scotch jump is another well known exercise. This exercise can make the body burn more and helps strengthen many muscles. Whether it is the core muscles of the body, buttocks, hamstring muscles, thigh muscles and back muscles. It also helps to enhance the performance of the body.

5. Walking Lunges.

This move is an adaptation of the normal lunge move. By increasing the challenge by stepping on the foot and then squatting down. It will have to keep stepping forward so that the body burns more. It also helps exercise many muscles at once. Whether it is butt muscles, rear leg muscles and calf muscles. But we must say that this position is another position that is not suitable for people with knee problems.

6. Burpees.

It’s considered a brutal exercise that can burn a lot of calories. Studies have shown that doing just one berpees pose can burn up to 14.3 kcal per minute. Not only that, but the berpees pose helps to strengthen different muscles, both burn and fit at the same time.

7. Frogger.

Exercise posture that mimics the pose of a frog. Which in addition to helping exercise the lower muscles. Whether on the thigh, hips or buttocks. It also helps to burn quite a few calories in a short time. If you want to dissolve accumulated fat, then this exercise is perfect for you.

8. Side-to-Side Hops.

This is a simple exercise that when done for a long time it can help burn calories in your body as well. It also helps you to balance better as well.

9. Running up stairs.

Finish off with simple exercises like running up and down the stairs. Just run up to the top then turn around and run back down and so on at least 3-5 rounds. It will help the body burn more calories. The highlight of the exercise by running up – down the stairs is to help tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. But you have to be careful with it. It is best to estimate the distance of each step carefully or you may fall down the stairs and be injured.

Each exercise is a simple exercise that we are familiar with. This is for effective results. This should be done in conjunction with other exercise and diet control. You should also warm up before starting to exercise. To prevent injuries that can occur to the muscles while exercising.

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