Enhancing health through exercise

Enhancing health through exercise . Good health should consist of three parts: physical health, mental health and morality. Most people tend to focus on exercise. Just for strength or enhancing physical health only.

Enhancing health through exercise

But the truth is, a good form of exercise should have a purpose. To enhance mental health and promote morality in each individual by exercising to enhance health.

Should be body movement or exercise to strengthen the competency related to health (Health-related fitness), including the strength of the muscle circulation and flexibility.

It helps to prevent many diseases and injuries.

Enhancing health through exercise

How to exercise

Should consider the heaviness, duration of exercise, how frequency, exercise type and the progress of the exercise.

Before and after exercise we should have warm up and stretching the muscles to make the exercise go smoothly.

And prevent the congestion of waste that the body must eliminate at the end of the exercise.

Enhancing health through exercise

Exercise to increase muscle endurance

Benefits of strength and endurance of muscles contributes to maintaining bone and joint conditions.

And may help to prevent falling more if combine with balance training, which is a physical fitness related to movement.

We can exercise to increase muscle endurance by exerting against the weight of a spring or an object that is not moving.

Choose the right resistance to resist about 8-20 times per set, then get fit 2-3 times a week, 2-5 times per set.

If you want to train more muscle strength than endurance. So you should use quite a lot of weight.

If wanting more durability muscle strength training you should choose a relatively small weight and do a lot of repetition.

Do not forget that it must be an act or exertion by yourself to the point that there is a feeling of fatigue is sufficient for the body to be adjust for the better outcome.

And while contracting the muscles, you should not hold your breath as they may affect the circulatory system.

Exercises to increase endurance of the circulatory system

Good performance of the circulatory system. There are many benefits to almost every system of health, such as helping to control weight properly.

Adjust the balance of body fat helps to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Increase breathing performance, reduce tiredness, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

We can exercise to increase the endurance of the circulatory system. By using large muscles such as limbs to work continuously by walking, biking, jogging, swimming, dancing, aerobic exercise, etc.

The duration of each exercise is approximately 20-60 minutes, depending on the physical condition of 3-5. Times a week.

Adjust the intensity of exercise to be moderately exhauste. The simple thing is to still be able to speak in a sentence without short breaks or too tired.

Exercises to train flexibility

Weakness is the ability of the body to move according to the range of the joints to the desired point.

The benefits of good flexibility are help to prevention of injuries in the musculoskeletal system, tendons, joints and increases the efficiency of movement.

Practices to increase flexibility include stretching the muscles and tendons slowly, without twitching, each stretch lasting for 6-30 seconds.

In today’s Chinese boxing, yoga (some postures) may be consider as softness training.

You can use your body as well or may use tools stretching to the point of feeling very tense but still not hurt. Should do several times a day.

Finally, regardless of what type of exercise we choose. Because Enhancing health through exercise is a great way to taking care ourself, our body and also our mind.

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