5 reasons to check up before running

5 reasons to check up before running . With the trending marathon there’s a lot of people out there running. In addition to regular running, it can result in a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many interesting running and marathon events.

5 reasons to check up before running

For beginners who start running, or even those who run regularly, as well as many past runners, but want to develop more runs to set a new record, it is important to check up the ability of the body to be potentially fatal.

Heart Failure is the risk of death without early warning signs, often occurring to runners who may have some diseases that are never known. This can affect the heart beat.

Especially heart disease which if use in more force or exertion, can affect the heart beat. As is the news, for the safety of the runner, before applying for any entry that increases their limits, it is recommend to undergo a check-up before running for five reasons:

5 reasons to check up before running

1. Find hidden diseases

Regular screening or annual health check-ups may not be detected. Especially heart disease, where exertion over a long period of time can directly affect the heart beat and fainting. Other diseases such as chronic dementia which causes the death of professional athletes such as Mike Webster.

2. Risk assessment

It is known that running a marathon that requires 42.195 kilometers of physical strength and encouragement, or even beginners who need more force than ever before, especially when running in hot weather like Thailand.

According to research by Harvard University, more than 200-300 young people die while playing sports from asthma and heatstroke, so they breathe and drink enough water during the run and observe symptoms while running.

Do not resist if you find any abnormalities. It is important to see a doctor to assess the risk before running.

5 reasons to check up before running

3. Check for conditions where running is prohibited.

Patients with diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and many of whom are seen as needed to exercise more but in reality some chronic diseases result in angina. As a result, the blood is not able to feed the heart normally.

If you exercise too hard then your body can have a negative impact on your health than good results. Therefore, people with the disease should always consult a doctor before running.

4. Check for injury risk

This can eventually result in continue and chronic inflammation if they do not rest well, including runners who are not properly train. Seeing a doctor help to reduces the risk of repetitive injuries that may result in long periods of time.

5. Check the fitness of the body

The doctor checks the body and determines the maximum oxygen consumption rate of the body during exercise by aerobic test (VO2 max test). This is especially useful for runners who want to increase their efficiency with speed or distance. As well as to help plan the correct and effective training program.

Here is those 5 reasons to check up before running . Runners should check their health with a pre-run check-up. Especially for patients with the disease and are about to start running.

Those who run regularly but want to increase their efficiency with greater speed and distance. To detect repetitive and chronic injury risk that may result in the inability to run again.

It is important to detect diseases that may be hidden in the body. Which if we detected first, can be cure or prevent from death while running.

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