Yoga practice for good health

Yoga practice for good health . Nowadays, yoga is a popular exercise method for helping people strengthen the body and mind. It can help prevent and treat diseases such as back pain, knee pain, indigestion, and even more serious diseases. Because the principles of yoga are when the mind is refreshed, the body becomes healthy.

People have turned to focus on maintaining good health. To train the body to be healthy. Yoga is different from other exercises. It can be practiced at all ages but before starting to exercise with yoga we should first understand the principles of yoga.

Yoga is an exercise that can be performed anywhere. No equipment required, wear comfortable clothing for movement and flexibility. As we exercise yoga poses, we have to maintain our breathing in conjunction with our body. The focus of yoga is to relax the mind. Yoga is the exercise that will make your body and your mind fully rested. After the practice, you will feel that your mind is clear and your body is light.

Eating well along with the yoga practice will make the training more effective. You may still be able to keep the same dietary habits. But after practicing yoga for a while, your consumption habits will automatically change. It’s a change for a better life. Some people may be able to stop all addictions, such as quitting smoking, drinking, etc.

However, according to the principles of yoga that Professor. Dr. Kiatwan Amatayakul, who has been practicing yoga for 10 years, gives a deeper understanding that people tend to look at yoga with difficult, down-to-earth, and pointed-toe postures. “Easy Posture” is a simple pose that anyone can do without being too difficult. In addition to making the body healthy and slim. The blood is easy to flow like any other exercise and also helps to manage the endocrine glands in the body as well.

That ancient yogi it was found that the human body has an endocrine gland that produces hormones which affects our mood. Practicing yoga helps the endocrine glands in the body to work in balance. Will affect the regulation of emotional state and the mind, because the most important aspect of yoga is not “posture”, if it is on “breath and mind” while doing such a breath. It is a position to do while controlling your breath. Focusing on posture and breathing it results in mindfulness and concentration, which is the development of both body and mind at the same time.

The real ultimate goal of yoga is

– Physical Fit

– Mentally Strong

– Spiritual Elevated has an open minded spirit.

Practicing yoga is tricky. You have to prepare your body and mind to be ready first. Relaxing exercises may also be accompanied by soft music. You will start to feel better, your mind and brain clearer. And for the good start, you might need some guidance from a knowledgeable or experienced person. Because if practicing the wrong way, it may hurt the body.

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