Skinny Fat and Exercise

Skinny Fat and Exercise Many skinny people who have an asymmetrical shape, such as large arms, round belly, buttocks, even though other parts of the body or weight are still in the normal range.

Skinny Fat and Exercise

It’s just a big part of it. Which here makes those people think that they are fat. Therefore trying to find ways to reduce obesity. Which is considered as a solution to the problem in the wrong way.

How about you? Are they in the skinny fat group?

Skinny Fat and Exercise

People who are skinny fat are not usually born, but if they are caused by the following reasons.

– Lose weight by dieting and not exercising together. The result is a slimmer. But some parts didn’t go down as well puppet shape.

– When eating more than burn it off. Those food became excess.

Skinny Fat and Exercise

In which people who are skinny fat are mainly in the first two groups. And when you see that you have excess fat, you will immediately begin to find ways to get rid of it by eating less and burning more so that excess can be used up quickly.

This includes cardio exercises such as running, swimming, aerobics, hula hoop, etc., which is a method that is suitable for people who are overweight than the standard. That large size still persists in his frustration every day.

The solution to those who are skinny fat is

– Eat a full meal because you don’t want to lose weight. The only fat that you want to remove Therefore, make sure that your body receives enough calories (daily).

– Change to eat a lot of protein such as egg whites, fish, cereals, rice, not polished brown, not bleached Emphasize as close as possible to nature. Avoid white rice, noodles, cakes, salapao, or anything made from white flour. Add fiber to vegetables Reduce fruit because it is high in sugar.

– Finally, this is very important. Is that you need to focus on building muscle exercises or weight training to increase muscle volume so that you can burn excess excess in the end.

So this is some idea for Skinny Fat and Exercise. You should checking on yourself more often. Pick the exercise that suit you and start to be healthy now.

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