6 common running injuries

6 common running injuries . Running is associated with injuries. Whether you are a pro runner or a beginner, it might happen to you unexpectedly. Today we bring you 6 of the most common injuries for runners. Including how to prevent and reduce the risk that may cause these symptoms. Don’t wait… let’s learn it together.

These 6 injuries are most often found with people who have just started running or runners who increase their speed or distance more than 65 kilometers per week. Including runners who have previously been injured.

1. Symptoms in the back of the thigh muscles or hamstrings.

Tension around the hamstring or the back of the thigh can make you feel pain like a sharp object. It felt a sharp pain and we had to stop moving immediately. This is caused by tightening the muscles. Because we didn’t warm up before running, including neglecting stretching muscles. If it is lightly, just a cold pack will be alleviated. But in cases where injuries occur that are severe, you may need to do surgery then.

Prevention – Always warm up and stretch the muscles before and after running.

2. External knee injury (ITB).

An external knee injury or ITB (iliotibial band) is a very common injury. Because the thigh and hip muscles are not strong enough or in the event that sometimes we may put too much speed. Causing pain from the hip spreading down to the knee.

Prevention – Strengthen the muscles in the hips and thighs more to reduce the risk that may cause pain in the knee outside it.

3. Front knee pain.

Front knee pain is a running injury that occurs on the cartilage surface of the patella. Even if you run up and down slopes that are steep, go up and down stairs, or sit with your knees bent for a long time. The pain causes both of the strides to be too long when running or run down the heel while the knee is taut until the impact comes down to the knee a lot. Or running in a position that requires a lot of knee bending, such as running up and down the hill and the sudden increase in distance, etc.

Prevention – Gradually increase the distance gradually and don’t be too hard on yourself.

4. Inflamed shin muscle.

Inflamed shin muscle is an injury that occurs in the shin area. The pain becomes more intense. The more you run, the more painful your legs are. This is a very popular injury to new runners. If this symptom occurs, you must stop running immediately, because if you continue to run, it may cause a shin fracture.

5. Achilles tendonitis.

Achilles tendonitis is caused by running too hard and jumps too often, running up a steep slope or running down the front of the foot while the muscles are not strong enough. This is usually causing weight. If symptoms are light just use a cold pack to heal it. But if it is too severe you should stop running and see a doctor for treatment right away.

6. Plantar Fasciitis.

This is an injury to the feet that causes runners to ache along the webbed under the foot or in the heel. Especially during the first period of weighting on the feet, such as during waking up in the morning. The first time we used our feet to touch the ground, it was very painful. But after you keep walking the pain will improve. This injury is caused by your feet to experience too much impact from intense run training or running too fast including excessive body weight.

Prevention – Strengthen the calf muscles along with stretching the calf muscles to keep them flexible.

Running is a good exercise for your health but it must be safe for yourself too. So don’t forget to warm up and stretch your muscles each time before and after running as well.

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