5 foods you should eat after exercise

5 foods you should eat after exercise After exercising, we are mostly hungry. During this time, it is appropriate to eat a healthy diet. Especially protein that will help build muscle mass.

Complex carbs that will help us recover faster and be full of good fats such as olive oil and avocado etc. Of course, the results obtained from exercise. This depends on many factors such as exercise intensity, age, and duration. But the most important factor is the nutrients that the body receives before and after exercise. The type of food and the time you eat play an important role in the results that we can get from exercise.

Good exercise must be performed in conjunction with food control (quantity), with the food we eat before and after exercise has a direct effect on the recovery of the body. And the rate of burning fat of the body as well. Exercise keeps the body working at its best it helps to achieve a slim figure and proportion. Which after exercise the body needs food to repair the wear and tear. Let’s see what kind of food are there? That revitalizes after exercise as well.

1. Yogurt.

Yogurt is high in protein. It has the right amount of fat and carbohydrates. Make the body get enough energy. But it is better to choose natural yogurt because it contains less sugar. If you want more flavor, you can add less sweet fruit that just makes yogurt taste delicious. Make the body recover after exercise fully. It also helps to reduce hunger after physical exertion.


Eggs are a very nutritious, inexpensive, excellent source of protein. Because eggs contain essential amino acids that the body will need to use digestion to absorb protein. In order to repair the damaged muscles, prevent injuries after exercise and help build muscle as well.

3. Avocado.

Avocados are considered an extremely healthy fruit. Because it contains good fats, it can preserve various muscles and joints. That stimulates the production of metabolism that causes the body to burn more carbohydrates. Avocados are also high in potassium that will make the blood system more balanced as well.

4. Nuts.

Nuts are a useful snack. Because it contains all the main nutrients and is suitable for eating after exercise. Whether it is carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nuts have properties that help the body recover. Make the body full of energy. Even though eating nuts is good, it also needs to take into the amount of food you eat due to the high calorie content of nuts. The proper way to eat nuts is about one handful by combining various nuts together so it will allow the body to receive a wide variety of nutrients.

5. Cheese and apple.

Apple is a good weight loss fruit. Plus, there are many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. It is loaded with fiber that makes your stomach feel full. Eating apples with cheese after exercise will make the body get enough carbohydrates as for cheese, the body gets protein for rejuvenation. Try cutting the apples into small pieces and eat them with small pieces of cheese.

After exercise the body has lost a lot of energy. Therefore, choose to eat foods that are beneficial and have a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat. It will make the body recover, refreshing and help to compensate for the wasted energy. Try to find these foods that we suggest you eat after regular exercise.

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