The advantages of practicing plank pose

The advantages of practicing plank pose .Plank is the most fit exercise posture that girls should not miss. Because the benefits of this plank practice are so good that you will fall in love with them.

If talking about how to get fit and burn excess fat that works great. One of them is the plank, a position that takes strength in your arms, balance, and tense together. But have you ever wondered if it helps your muscles stay strong? What are some other benefits of this exercise posture? Then let’s go over the advantages of practicing plank pose.

1. It helps to strengthen the body’s strength.

Both the upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as the legs and buttocks are all but fitter when exercising with planks. Not only that, but the inner abdominal muscles will also get stronger. You don’t have to do heavy training sessions to get your muscles strong.

2. It is a very effective exercise method.

Exercises with plank pose is one of the most effective exercise methods. Because just 60 seconds of plank training is equivalent to an exercise with 1,000 sit-ups. It also allows many muscles to exercise at the same time.

3. Improve personality.

For people with personality problems practicing the plank pose can help with these problems. Because plank is an exercise that strengthens the back muscles, especially in the areas that support the spine. It is also an exercise that gradually deforms the spine to return to normal. However, it must also be subject to expert advice. Because some cases with severe spinal anomalies. Practicing this position may make your symptoms worsen.

4. Increase flexibility of the body.

A good muscle is one that has the right strength and flexibility. Which practicing plank pose not only strengthens it but also improves the flexibility of the muscles. Just by doing it every day, you will be able to stretch your body even more. Plus reduce the chance of muscle injury.

5. Reduce the abdomen.

A fat-filled belly will disappear if you practice plank on a daily basis. This is because plank is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the inner and outer abdominal muscles. As a result, the fat that used to bias gradually decreases, but the diet must be controlled at the same time, otherwise the belly will not collapse. The abdomen is definitely not firmware.

6. Reduce back pain.

Most low back pain is caused by weak back muscles that support the spine. Therefore unable to support the spine in a normal manner this results in more pressure on the spine causing pain. But practicing this plank will help strengthen the muscles that support the spine to work better. It also helps to relieve the pressure on the spine and helps make back pain reduce.

7. Balance the body.

If you have tried to stand on one leg and find that you are unable to balance that could be a sign that your body is losing balance. Therefore, you should practice more plank. Because this exercise is considered a balance training for the body. If done on a daily basis you will notice that your balance has improved significantly.

8. Relieve stress.

Practicing plank is not just about strengthening the body. But it also helps to relax tense muscles and nervous systems as well. Which will result in us feeling relaxed and less stressed. It can also reduce anxiety and depression symptoms if taken on a daily basis.

9. Increase the metabolism.

For people who want to lose weight you should not miss the plank pose. Because plank is an abdominal muscle exercise that requires a lot of energy to balance. It also stimulates the body’s metabolism to work better. Making it even after exercising the body will continue to burn more energy throughout the day.

Practicing good planks should take at least 30-60 seconds of practice each time, which, if practiced for a while, you can increase the time to more and more as needed or as much as your body can do. If you want to have good health in addition to other exercises, try adding plank exercises as well.

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