How to pick the right running shoes

How to pick the right running shoes

How to pick the right running shoes . Choosing the right running shoes is essential for all of the runners. We should pay attention as a top priority because having the right running shoes will help promote better running performance. It is also possible to prevent injuries from running. Let’s look at 7 techniques for choosing the right running shoes. What we need to do?

1. Shop for specific running shoes.

Sneakers may all look the same and even they are gym sneakers. But it doesn’t mean that it can fit for running. Because running is an exercise that requires repeating the weight of the feet over a long period of time so most running shoes are designed to absorb the impact well and light weight.

2. How to choose the right running shoes for our foot type?

Each person’s foot Arch has different characteristics. Which is important when choosing a running shoe. We can determine our own foot type by wetting our feet and put your feet on the paper and leave it for a while then remove your feet to see our footprints on the paper.

Normally the soles of the feet are divided into 3 types:

– Normal Arch, there are not many cuts in the middle of the footprint on the paper. It is about half of the soles of the feet.

– High Arch, there is a clear notch in the middle of the footprint on the paper. Show that the middle of the foot is floating from the ground.

– Flat Arch, there is almost no indentation in the middle of the footprint on the paper. Show that the middle of the foot is flat attached to the floor.

Normal arch and high arch are a very rarely problematic form of foot that causes weight injuries. Because of the nature of the feet when running, the ankles will twist inward so it might cause injury easily. Therefore, choosing a running shoe for those who have flat feet. Should choose the shoes that have an extra foot area. So that the sole of the foot is more concave and sure enough.

3. Pick the right size for your running shoes.

The right running shoes should be the shoes that fit the foot. Because if it is too large or too tight than the foot it may cause obstacles while running. Therefore, when you choose the running shoes. It should be about half an inch by the end of the shoe and in the front of the shoe is a little empty.

Choose the one to suit your running style.

4. Choose the one to suit your running style.

Each brand and model designed to accommodate different running styles and track surface conditions. Therefore, you should first consider what are the main types of wear for running? For example, focusing on running fast, focusing on running long distances or focusing on trail running, etc.

5. Good impact support.

Because each step will have a major impact on the foot. Shoes that do not absorb impact well may result in an ankle or foot injury. Especially for people who have to run long distances for a long time. So good running shoes should have good cushioning properties. There is a soft sole design. Does not cause any stinginess or pain while running and comfortable to wear while running.

6. Lightweight and breathable.

This is another important factor in choosing the right running shoes. Because it can help improve your running agility. You should pick the shoe that does not feel sluggish when running. So make sure to try them on before you buy. And try jogging to check if running shoes is a suitable weight for you or not. And the shoes should also have good ventilation. Because for the long distance running if the shoes do not ventilate properly it will cause problems from damp and uncomfortable feet.

7. It has the right flexibility.

Part of the factor that can help reduce the risk of injury to your feet while running is the flexibility of the shoe. Because the shoes are flexible in a way that fits the body of the foot it can reduce the risk of injury.

In addition to helping reduce the risk of injury choosing the right running shoes it also helps you run faster and more efficiently. So you should pay more attention to it then.

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