Improving health through Exercise

Improving health through exercise . What does good health mean to you? Usually good health should consist of two things both of physical health and mental health. Most of the people pay attention to the exercise to strength or enhancing physical health only.

But in fact a good form of exercise should have a purpose to enhance mental well-being and promote morality in each person by empowering physical strength to enhance health. So each person might like different style of the exercise and it also depending on the purpose of the exercise too.

Today we will give you some idea of how to exercise to get the most benefit for you.

Exercising to increase muscle strength.

The Benefits of muscle strength contributes to maintaining bone and joint mass ,

BTW If you do together with balance training

It may help prevent even you from the risk of falls which is a physical fitness that involves movement. 

You can increase the strength and endurance of the muscles by exerting force against the Weight of the Barbell, Dumbbell or even on your own body by doing it repeatedly.

Muscle strength training can be repeated many times but remember that it must be self-acting or exerting to the point where there is a moderate feeling of fatigue so that the body will adjust for the better.

And while contracting the muscles, you should not hold your breath as it can affect the circulation.

Exercising to increase the endurance of the circulatory system

Good circulatory system will give you many health benefits. Such as helping to maintain optimal weight, balances body fat, helps prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure. Improve breathing performance Reduce fatigue, fatigue, insomnia, etc. We can exercise to increase the endurance of the circulatory system by using large muscles such as limbs to work continuously, such as walking, biking, jogging, swimming, dancing, aerobics, etc.

The duration of each exercise is approximately 20-60 minutes depending on the condition And adjust the intensity of exercise to get tired in moderation more.

Exercises for strengthening flexibility

Flexible is the body’s ability to move along a range of joints to the desired point for Improving health

The benefits of a great flexibility are to prevention of injurie in the musculoskeletal system, Ligaments ,Joints and Improving the efficiency of movement.

Guideline for training to increase flexibility include stretching the muscle and tendon slowly

without twitching each time stretching for about 6-30 seconds. Some of the postures of the tai chi or yoga may be considered for flexibility training too. You can also use tools to help you do with the body stretching too.

So when you stretch to the point that you feeling very tight but still not too hurt for you and it should be done every day several times a day. We should do the exercise to increase body temperature before stretching.

Finally, no matter what kind of exercise you choose ,We hope that you will enjoy it and we hope that this information will help to guide you to pick the right exercise that meet your need.

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