Warning signs of working out too hard

Warning signs of working out too hard . It is true that exercise is good for your health. But on the other hand, exercise has its drawbacks if you overdo it. The consequences of exercising too hard can result in injury, mental health problems or even can be the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease. But how do we know that the exercise you are doing is too heavy and too much of your fit. Here are 10 health signs that your body is telling you that exercising it way too much. If you have these symptoms, hurry and change your exercise schedule right away.

1. Severe and acute muscle pain.

This is one of the first signs that it often occurs to people who exercise vigorously. And it will become even more severe until it becomes a muscle or arthritic condition. This will adversely affect the muscles in the long run. Therefore, if you suddenly have severe pain. Stop exercising for a while until you recover. So that you do not have to sit and treat muscle inflammation later.

2. Irregular menstruation.

You girls who exercise hard on a regular basis must be careful. Excessive exercise may accelerate the production of the hormone cortisol or stress hormones. Which can affect estrogen production and when the hormone is reduced menstruation will begin to lack or postpone. Not only does it also affect the reproductive system. Even if you are young and exercise hard and strictly control the diet as well. It will make menstruation more irregular.

3. Red swollen on feet and knees.

Third Warning signs of working out too hard , For people who like to jog regularly red swelling around your ankles or knees is a sign that you are overdoing it with running. And if you ignore it, you’re at increased risk for severe muscle damage. Which may make you even unable to walk.

4. Immune disorders.

Hard exercise doesn’t make your immune system stronger; on the other hand, excessive physical activity can damage your immune system, lowers the immune system in the body and results in inflammation illness. Which of these things increases the risk of various serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or even cancer. So don’t just think about your own fitness & firmness. Exercise just the right way, but do it regularly. This kind works better.

5. Muscle spasms.

It’s a serious sign of bad health. Because that means you are entering a state of muscle fatigue. Which if you continue to exercise vigorously. This will put you at risk for muscle inflammation or tearing.

6. Abnormal weight loss.

Many people use exercise to lose excess weight. But losing a lot of weight quickly after strenuous exercise doesn’t necessarily mean your fitness success. It’s a sign that you’re exercising too much. And even though they are thinner but health will deteriorate as well. Therefore, exercise should be fit and take some breaks as appropriate.

7. High blood pressure.

Excessive exercise speeds up the blood flow and raises blood pressure while exercising. It increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. But if you stop exercising and still have high blood pressure even though you are not at risk of this disease. This is a dangerous sign that you should stop exercising for a while. Otherwise it will definitely affect your heart health in the long term.

8. Hit The Plateau.

Hit The Plateau is a condition in which no matter how hard you exercise, your body does not change. Since the body has been used to intense exercise for a long time, some people may call this a metabolic condition.

The symptoms that are clearly noticeable are even if you exercise, diet or take care of your health very seriously. Weight does not decrease. But it is impossible to add strenuous exercise or reduce eating. The solution is to stop exercising for about a week and adjust your diet accordingly. Get enough rest Otherwise, your health will definitely fail in the long run.

9. No energy.

Usually, exercise helps us become more energetic. Because exercise will stimulate the body’s various functions and accelerate the metabolism in the body. But if you have finished exercising and feel exhausted throughout the day. Know that these are the signs that you exercise too much until accumulated fatigue of the body. The best way is to stop exercising for a day or two to recover. And should be adapted to exercise to suit the ability of your body.

10. Mood swings.

Although exercise can help relieve stress and improve your mood. But too much exercise can cause mood swings. Because when you exercise vigorously, tension will build up in your muscles, and when you build up a lot, it can make you stress and frustrate.

Excessive exercise may damage the health of the body. If we do just fit exercise, the results will be effective in the long run. Plus, if done in conjunction with a healthy diet and getting enough sleep too. Your health will definitely be better than before.

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