Get to know more about Surf Skate

Get to know more about Surf Skate . Surf Skate is the most popular sport and activity today. That hits the hearts of many people as well as exercising both fun and cool at the same time. But there should be a way to play correctly for the safety of ourselves and others. If playing too much fun, but not preparing body and equipment it may cause an accident and injury.

What is Surf Skate?

Dr. Pakaphon Isornkrai Silan, Orthopedic Surgeon, specialized in laparoscopic surgery, knee and shoulder surgery Sports Medicine Doctor The Institute of Sports Medicine and Exercise (BASEM), Bangkok Hospital or FIFA MEDICAL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, the Center for Medical Excellence of the International Football Federation, said that Surf Skate is a board sport caused by the combination of skateboarding and surfing using twisting to move, swing your arms and hips as you go forward and change direction.

The dangers arising from playing “Surf Skate”

There are two main types of injuries in this sport:

1. Surfing dangers – Skating requires constant balance, twisting and hip thrusts to play all the time. For novice players a variety of muscle and joint fatigue can occur, including back pain, lumbar pain, thigh pain. Including the knee and ankle.

2. Accidental danger – Which is often caused by loss of balance, falling and bumps can cause harm from Sprains, bruises, abrasions, or even severe ligaments, torn ligaments, and fractures can be quite severe, even after surgery. Or may hit the brain and hit the head as well.

Summarized the causes of injuries in surfing.

  • Beginners still lack the familiarity and understanding of playing. 
  • Some people lack body readiness. Lack of flexibility Strength and mobility.
  • Unsuitable play locations such as rough, sandy, steep slopes, or crowded areas. Especially if choosing to play near the road with cars running around, it may cause serious life threat to both players and commuters.
  • Equipment is not readily available if the quality is not up to standard it may make playing jammed, risking injury. Or not wearing protective equipment that will reduce the severity of the injury, such as crash helmets, elbow guards, knee pads, etc.
  • Being too confident in themselves. When a player has a certain level of expertise they often want to play a more daring gesture or want to try playing on a more challenging slope. This increases the risk of injury.

Injuries that can occur while surfing and skating.

The serious injuries that can occur from this sport include:

  • Head injuries such as fractured head, fractured skull, traumatic brain or bleeding in the brain.
  • Fractures such as broken wrist, broken elbow, broken shoulder bone, broken collarbone, fractured hip joint and broken ankle.
  • Dislocation of the joint, such as the shoulder dislocation, the elbow is dislodged, the patella is dislocated around the knee.
  • Torn ligaments, such as shoulder ligaments, elbow ligaments, knee ligaments or anterior cruciate ligament torn, etc.

Tips for preparing to Surf Skate.

Choose quality equipment and wear protective equipment such as a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee guards to reduce the severity of the injury. In children under 5 years of age, playing is not recommended. And children under 10 years of age should be supervised by an experienced supervisor.

The elderly should be more careful because there may be a bone condition or with osteoporosis, if there is an accident there will be severe fractures. Especially the wrists, hips and spine. Choose a location that is appropriate and safe to play, such as a skate park and try to avoid playing near the road.

You should prepare your body before playing, warm-ups and stretches to improve joint and muscle flexibility and readiness. Try to keep your muscles strong especially the main active muscles in surfing and skating, such as the core muscles, hip muscle, thigh and calf muscles. Should study and practice playing techniques at a basic level first. Learn to balance the movement and practice falling correctly to assess oneself.

Surf skating even though it appears to be quite dangerous but if the players are well prepared. It is considered a sport that is fun and enhances physical health as well for all ages.

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