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    Get to know more about Surf Skate

    Get to know more about Surf Skate . Surf Skate is the most popular sport and activity today. That hits the hearts of many people as well as exercising both fun and cool at the same time. But there should be a way to play correctly for the safety of ourselves and others. If playing too much fun, but not preparing body and equipment it may cause an accident and injury. What is Surf Skate? Dr. Pakaphon Isornkrai Silan, Orthopedic Surgeon, specialized in laparoscopic surgery, knee and shoulder surgery Sports Medicine Doctor The Institute of Sports Medicine and Exercise (BASEM), Bangkok Hospital or FIFA MEDICAL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, the Center…

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    Cardio is a good way for you to burn fat

    Cardio is a good way for you to burn fat . For those who like to exercise regularly you are probably familiar with cardio but for newbies who are just starting to exercise they may not know yet. Today we are going to get to know how good cardio is and how useful it is. What is cardio?  Cardio is exercise with the main aim of promoting the strength of the heart and stimulating heart rate. It makes the heart beat approximately 50-75% (or more) of its maximum heart rate and strengthens lung function also so it can bring oxygen to it better. Stimulates the circulatory system, strengthens the heart…

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    Eat right to get your exercise more efficiently

    Eat right to get your exercise more efficiently . Nowadays, the fitness trend has become a modern lifestyle. It is a lifestyle of people who care about their health and want to have a beautiful figure in a suitable way. Whether it be exercise or cardio in fitness, running in the park or doing bodyweight exercises at home. Regular exercise will help strengthen your body. Including increasing strength and flexibility by allowing the muscles to exert more force than normal ones. However, we must always keep in mind that effective exercise comes with good nutrition. Both have to be done at the same time. Because exercise alone does not help…

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    Cramp that related to an exercise

    Cramp that is related to an exercise . Cramping is a common symptom of runners and athletes. Cramps are more likely to occur during prolonged exercise sessions. It can happen when we are exercising in the wrong position or exercising in an unfamiliar position. Especially for runners who step with an improper pace or swimmers who hit the wrong leg or in the wrong position it can easily cause the cramps too. What are cramps? Cramp are muscle contractions. When we have cramps, the muscles in that area contract  become stiff and have pain. When the cramps begin the symptoms become acute and not for very long. After a while…

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    Advantages of listening to music when exercising

    Advantages of listening to music when exercising  . Playing sports and exercising helps keep the body and mind healthy. In general, doctors recommend exercising 10-30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. But for some people it is not easy to get on the target as it may lead to laziness or boredom. Come in as an obstacle that will leave you out of the fire or run out of fun with exercise. But this problem will be gone if you know a great help like listening to music while exercising. Which in addition to helping to cure boredom it can also help you exercise more effectively. And there are…

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    5 foods you should eat after exercise

    5 foods you should eat after exercise After exercising, we are mostly hungry. During this time, it is appropriate to eat a healthy diet. Especially protein that will help build muscle mass. Complex carbs that will help us recover faster and be full of good fats such as olive oil and avocado etc. Of course, the results obtained from exercise. This depends on many factors such as exercise intensity, age, and duration. But the most important factor is the nutrients that the body receives before and after exercise. The type of food and the time you eat play an important role in the results that we can get from exercise.…

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    6 common running injuries

    6 common running injuries . Running is associated with injuries. Whether you are a pro runner or a beginner, it might happen to you unexpectedly. Today we bring you 6 of the most common injuries for runners. Including how to prevent and reduce the risk that may cause these symptoms. Don’t wait… let’s learn it together. These 6 injuries are most often found with people who have just started running or runners who increase their speed or distance more than 65 kilometers per week. Including runners who have previously been injured. 1. Symptoms in the back of the thigh muscles or hamstrings. Tension around the hamstring or the back of…

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    Benefits of warming up before starting your exercise

    Benefits of warming up before starting your exercise . Many people who exercise tend to ignore the warm-up or pre-workout. Some people may feel that it is a waste of time and unnecessary. Therefore the muscles are not stretched properly and can cause cramps or injury to the muscles during exercise. So no matter what form of exercise or sport, you should always do a warm-up before getting started to get your body ready. The benefits of warming up the body. – When we start to warm up the body our heart rate gradually increases, causing the cardiovascular system. Pumping blood to different parts of the body. Getting the body…

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    How to pick the right running shoes

    How to pick the right running shoes . Choosing the right running shoes is essential for all of the runners. We should pay attention as a top priority because having the right running shoes will help promote better running performance. It is also possible to prevent injuries from running. Let’s look at 7 techniques for choosing the right running shoes. What we need to do? 1. Shop for specific running shoes. Sneakers may all look the same and even they are gym sneakers. But it doesn’t mean that it can fit for running. Because running is an exercise that requires repeating the weight of the feet over a long period…

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    Improving health through Exercise

    Improving health through exercise . What does good health mean to you? Usually good health should consist of two things both of physical health and mental health. Most of the people pay attention to the exercise to strength or enhancing physical health only. But in fact a good form of exercise should have a purpose to enhance mental well-being and promote morality in each person by empowering physical strength to enhance health. So each person might like different style of the exercise and it also depending on the purpose of the exercise too. Today we will give you some idea of how to exercise to get the most benefit for…

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