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    Yoga practice for good health

    Yoga practice for good health . Nowadays, yoga is a popular exercise method for helping people strengthen the body and mind. It can help prevent and treat diseases such as back pain, knee pain, indigestion, and even more serious diseases. Because the principles of yoga are when the mind is refreshed, the body becomes healthy. People have turned to focus on maintaining good health. To train the body to be healthy. Yoga is different from other exercises. It can be practiced at all ages but before starting to exercise with yoga we should first understand the principles of yoga. Yoga is an exercise that can be performed anywhere. No equipment…

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    5 reasons to check up before running

    5 reasons to check up before running . With the trending marathon there’s a lot of people out there running. In addition to regular running, it can result in a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many interesting running and marathon events. For beginners who start running, or even those who run regularly, as well as many past runners, but want to develop more runs to set a new record, it is important to check up the ability of the body to be potentially fatal. Heart Failure is the risk of death without early warning signs, often occurring to runners who may have some diseases that are never known. This can…

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    Exercise and detoxification

    Exercise and detoxification . Most people think that exercise is just to increase muscle strength, lose weight and reduce fat, but exercise also strengthens the detoxification system and detoxifies the body. Today we will show you that exercise is not only giving you a healthier body but it also can detoxifies the body. Here is the exercise that can give you detoxification benefit. Aerobic exercise The same exercise, such as jogging, swimming, aerobics, is very useful. Strengthens the heart and lungs. Help build bones and enhance immunity. Resulting in deep sleep and longevity as well. It also helps detoxification process as follows. Cause sweating when exercising, We lose a lot…

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    Enhancing health through exercise

    Enhancing health through exercise . Good health should consist of three parts: physical health, mental health and morality. Most people tend to focus on exercise. Just for strength or enhancing physical health only. But the truth is, a good form of exercise should have a purpose. To enhance mental health and promote morality in each individual by exercising to enhance health. Should be body movement or exercise to strengthen the competency related to health (Health-related fitness), including the strength of the muscle circulation and flexibility. It helps to prevent many diseases and injuries. How to exercise Should consider the heaviness, duration of exercise, how frequency, exercise type and the progress…

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    Jumping rope easy way to healthy life

    Jumping rope easy way to healthy life . Did you know that jumping rope is an exercise that can cause weight loss as quickly as possible, not bragging? Look at a boxer. When overweight before fighting, the boxer can push the weight out in time. With the method of jumping rope Amazing, right? Easily way to get healthy. But we don’t have to do that much. Just taking 15-30 minutes of time per day for continuous rope jumping every day, your body will be slim and happy. It can be seen that Jumping Rope is a type of exercise that can be effectively burned. Also it is a budget sport…

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    Skinny Fat and Exercise

    Skinny Fat and Exercise Many skinny people who have an asymmetrical shape, such as large arms, round belly, buttocks, even though other parts of the body or weight are still in the normal range. It’s just a big part of it. Which here makes those people think that they are fat. Therefore trying to find ways to reduce obesity. Which is considered as a solution to the problem in the wrong way. How about you? Are they in the skinny fat group? People who are skinny fat are not usually born, but if they are caused by the following reasons. – Lose weight by dieting and not exercising together. The…